Medical Services

The institute is providing medical services in overseas to those who do not have access to adequate medical care. In particular, IACD has sent out medical relief teams to help refugees of wars or natural disasters. The institute also has mobile medical clinics to serve patients in remote areas, and built a hospital, with support of a local government, to transfer advanced medical technology and facilitate cooperation in medicine.

IACD is the parent organization to the Korean Medical Assistance. During the Gulf War, the Korean Medical Assistance provided medical care for the Kurdish refugees, and recently served the Afghanistan, Chechenian refugees and Iraq. It also cooperates with local governments in various areas to provide medical treatment.

The center provides medical treatment in its clinics, but its other activities include mobile clinics in rural areas, education for mothers on prevention of disease, and dental training program.

Also IACD promotes exchanges between local medical schools and prestigious medical schools in Korea. It also holds medical seminars, supports building of medical libraries, and publishes medical journals,.

Furthermore, IACD recognizes the immediate need for medical personnels in other Asian countries, and, in conjunction with the efforts of the local governments and other organizations, it is planing to expand the current medical activities.

Areas where IACD provided medical service
Medical service for Kurdish refugees
Medical service for Chechenian refugees
Medical service inAfghanistan
and Short-term Medical Service
Medical service in Karakalpakstan of Usbekistan

Main Activities
1) In July 1992, IACD sent its first medical team to Siberia and Mongol
2) Silkroad 2000 Medical Project
(1) Seminars
A. Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation in relation to the court & enforcement laws
B. Health Financing and Family Practice in Central Asia
C. Dental Seminars
D. Private Practice and general medical topics and workshops
(2) Medical and Dental Service in Celokomcamol, Kazakhstan
A. Recipients: Professors, students, and lawyers and more
B. Dates: 7/20-21, 2000
3) Opening of the Mother and Children
4) Emergency Medical Service Projects
(1) Emergency Aid to Vietnam Boat Refugees
- Period: May - November 1989
- Raised awareness of the Vietnam boat refugees among the government bodies, media, and social welfare organizations and provided medical service
(2) Medical Service for Kurdish Refugees in Southeastern Turkey
- May 1991
- Provided medical and humanitarian aids to the Kurdish refugees after the Gulf War
(3) Short-term Medical Service to Chechen Refugees
A. 1st Emergency Medical Service: July 2000
B. 2nd Emergency Medical Service: January 2001
C. 3rd Emergency Medical Service: July 2001
D. Provided medical service to the Chechen refugees who suffered through the 2nd Chechen Civil War.
(4) Medical Service for Afghan Refugees (funded by KOICA in 2002)
A. January ~April 2002
B. Medical and public health projects for the Afghan war refugees
C. Provided food, clothes, and other essential goods for the Afghan refugees in poverty and famine
D. Registered with the Afghan Government for long-term humanitarian aid